Polyurethane foams used in the insulation industry are typically a two-part chemical mix that forms a chemical reaction when combined. This results in a low to medium density rigid foam which can be used for various thermal insulation and cavity filling applications. The type of urethane used is determined by the application and can come in different densities and chemical mixes. Polyurethane foam has excellent insulation values and in general is used in applications ranging in temperature from -50deg to 130deg Celsius.

Urethane Spray
We have a number of Polyurethane mixing machines that enable us to provide a full range of sprayed Urethane foams. We have used this application over many years to deal with issues like condensation of concrete and metal faced ceilings. Other applications include the spray of Urethane foam on tanks, vessels and roofs for insulation value. Also the insulation of the internal cavities and frame work on steel and alloy boats and boat freezers help reduce condensation and noise.

Urethane Pour
This process is used for the injection of urethane foam and is widely used in the thermal insulation of ammonia, refrigeration pipe work and vessels. It is also used for the cavity filling of pontoons, drums and boats where there is a requirement to reduce an internal air space or void and assist in the flotation of that object.

Urethane Sheet/Block
We manufacture and offer Urethane cut sheet, Urethane block and cut shapes or profiles. Standard block and sheet size is 2.4m x 1.2m and varies in thickness by up to 600mm. Profile shapes and pipe section are made on demand.


Insulation of a boat at Gough Brothers.