Bituminous and rubber type membranes are waterproof membranes designed for flat, pitched and curved roofs. These can be glued and/or torched on to a surface as a single or multi layer system. Some membranes come with different surface finishes which vary but can be a mineral chip or sand grit finish on the top layer of the surface for aesthetic purposes and UV protection.

Southern Insulation began work in this field when looking for an alternative cladding system for an insulated roof several years ago. We had a client who had a flat concrete roof that was leaking and needed insulation fitted for heat loss. This was a multi-storey building that operated 24/7 and worked 365 days a year. Due to the working environment, insulating the inside of the building was not an option. The way around this was to fit ridged cut shaped insulation material to the top side of the concrete roof to give the roof fall for water runoff, we then applied a water proof membrane over the insulation for weather protection. These all came with a 25 year warranty.

Southern Insulation have also applied membranes as the top cladding or weather protection on several insulated tanks throughout New Zealand. We have our own in house, supplier trained applicators for these membranes and have applied membranes in a number of applications including tank roofs and commercial building roofs in both the North and South Island of New Zealand.


Bitumin tank in Tauranga, which we insulated and clad. Note the torch on membrane roof system.